Man smeared with black paint, paraded on donkey across streets of Lahore


LAHORE: The in-laws of a man shaved half his head and smeared black paint across his head before parading him on a donkey in Lahore on Monday.

According to details, Dilawar, a resident of Lahore, was beaten up by his in-laws over a domestic dispute that had arisen in the family.

Half of his head was shaved and black paint was smeared across his face. The man was paraded around the streets of Lahore on a donkey to further humiliate him.

According to police, Dilawar had married Nasreen five months ago. Dilawar’s in-laws had called him to their place and then tortured him.

On Dilawar’s request, police placed five people under custody.

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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