LAHORE: Punjab police officials claimed to have arrested a person in Lahore who is involved in sending his employee infected with coronavirus to village instead of taking him immediately to the hospital.

Punjab police department has filed the first sort of case amid COVID-19 outbreak after arresting a man, identified as  Tahir Saeed, involved in helping employee infected with the virus to flee to a village instead of taking him to the hospital for being quarantined.

Umar Farooq, who has tested positive for COVID-19,  works as a cook at the resident of Tahir Saeed in Sui Gas Colony area of Lahore, the provincial capital of Punjab.

While showing the criminal negligence, Saeed immediately sent off his employee, Farooq, to Vihari instead of informing concerned officials to take him to the isolation ward of a hospital.

It has been revealed that Umar Farooq changed two buses to reach Vihari from Lahore and came into contact with many persons during the journey.

The horrible mistake was exposed when a test report for coronavirus pandemic came positive and the administration of a private laboratory informed the provincial health department regarding the new case.

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