Marryium Demands PM Imran’s Resignation To Approach IMF

Marryium Demands PM Imran’s Resignation To Approach IMF
The PML-N leader and party spokesperson Marryium Aurangzeb demanded the prime minister Imran Khan resignation for approaching IMF contrary to his claims will not touch IMF to improve country’s economy.

Addressing a press conference, former information minister raised the questions over the government meetings with IMF in dark night and asked, “Why did govt hike the prices of gas before holding talks with IMF.” She continued, “The surge in gas prices and appreciation of dollar are not coincident as it was pre-planned.”

Lamenting transfer of IG Punjab, she said that he was removed for refusing to abide government illegal orders, therefore chief justice should take notice of the issue.
Commenting over the Shehbaz arrest she said that the standard of investigation should equally be meted with other as Shehbaz Sharif dealt.

“Information minister is only threatening opposition, however, if parliament session will not be called opposition will hold the session outside the parliament on daily basis.
She assailed PTI government’s performance and said, “PTI government promised for Eden but pushed the people into hell.”

She mentioned that the public investment being sunk and the dollar being surged.

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