Matiari: Second Oil Tanker Overturns Within Hours


Matiari (July 16, 2017): In less than with two hours yet another oil tanker has turned turtle in a separate accident in another part of the country on National Highway near here.

According to details the tanker was carrying 50,000 litres of the highly inflammable cargo. Police personnel from all across the Vehari district are present on the stop.

The oil tanker was on its way to Vehari from Karachi.

The oil is being loaded from the overturned tanker to another tanker.

Meanwhile, Sindh Minister for Health Dr. Sikander Mahendro has taken notice of the overturning of the oil tanker in Matiari.

This is second such accident within hours today. Just a little while ago Rescue teams have initiated works an oil tanker turned turtle spilling the highly inflammable liquid along Chiniot Road near  Adda 15 Mile in Jhang, Punjab.

The overturning of oil tankers has become somewhat a routine: Just two days ago on July 11 a tanker carrying 40,000 litres furnace turned turtle near Babbarlo by-pass on National Highway near Sukkur. The tanker was carrying the inflammable cargo to Kot Addu Power plant from Karachi.

On July 9, tanker loaded with highly inflammable motor fuel overturned in Burewala Road in Melsi near Vehari. A large number of people gathered at the scene of accident with whatever utensils they could find to fill drums with the highly inflammable diesel fuel.

On July 8, an oil tanker carrying over 50 thousands litres of diesel was overturned on Motorway near Hyderabad. The oil tanker was on its way to Moro from Karachi overturned on Motorway at Chari area some 32 kilometers off Hyderabad. The driver, who was severely injured and consequently taken to the hospital, reported to be drowsy caused the tanker to veer off from the Karachi-Hyderabad route and crash.

On June 25 an oil tanker overturned in Ahmedpur Sharqia near Bhawalpur and burst into flames as hundreds of poor local residents were collecting the highly inflammable oil. The death toll kept rising hitting the 221 figure recently.

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