Meizu Pro 7 is the First Dual Screen Smartphone in Pakistan


The smartphone industry in Pakistan welcomes yet another flagship, the Meizu Pro 7. It also comes with dual-screen technology.


Here are some of the reasons why Meizu Pro 7 may catch the eye of smartphone buyers in Pakistan.

Dual-screen Display

While other manufacturers are busy making a dual camera, Meizu has come forward with dual-screens. The Meizu Pro 7 features a screen at the back as well as in the front.

The back screen features a 1.9 inch AMOLED panel with 240×536 resolution. This screen is mainly used for displaying time, weather updates, and notifications. You can also swipe to view your step count etc. Furthermore, the back screen can also be used to take selfies from the rear dual-cameras.


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The front screen, on the other hand, features a 5.2” HD Super AMOLED display. You have the option to adjust the vibrancy of this screen according to your preferences. There are also three unique display features including the dynamic, natural balanced, and high contrast. The different display options are great for watching videos or enhancing your visual experience.

Meizu and GreenTrch

Dual Rear Cameras

Similar to the dual screen, Meizu Pro 7 also features a rear-dual camera which offers great picture quality. The rear cameras have 12 MP sensors where the primary is a monochrome shooter while the other one is RGB. Combined, you get to enjoy the blurred bokeh background effect that you find in professional cameras. However, it is not as precise in low-light.

The camera also features a Pro mode if you truly want to dive deep into the camera settings and capture the shot precisely to your preference. All in all, the camera is quite up to the par and can compete well with other flagship cameras in the market.

Meizu Pro 7 and 7 Plus

Topnotch Processor

Meizu Pro 7 boasts a MediaTek Helio P25 octa-core processor with 4 GB ram to ensure smooth and seamless performance. The octa-core processor, coupled with 4 GB RAM makes multitasking a breeze. Furthermore, with apps opened in the background, their launching speed is also faster, further enhancing the performance of the phone.

Up-to-par Battery

Meizu Pro 7 comes with a decent battery and great battery life. It features a 3,000 mAh unit which may not be the best on paper, but it can easily last a day with over 20% battery to spare on moderate use.

To make sure that you never run out of battery even after heavy use, Meizu offers mCharge fast charging so you can refuel your phone in a matter of minutes any time you want.

Knowing that the Meizu Pro 7 brings great specs to the table, should you ditch other flagship phones to get this? It comes with a pioneering dual-screen. It also features a good camera and even greater performance. Do check it out.

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