Metro Bus Administration Accepts Drivers Demands


Islamabad (June 06, 2018): Islamabad Rawalpindi metro bus management accepted all demands of drivers.

Passengers commuting to home from work were left stranded at the Secretariat Metro station on Wednesday as bus drivers protested against delayed wages.

The bus service at the station was suspended as Metro drivers, lamenting low and delayed wages and lack of medical and bonus, refused to work until their demands were met.

“Eid is almost here. We have not been paid our wages, we don’t get bonuses and we don’t even have medical [compensation] if any accident happens,”Metro drivers have vowed to continue protest until their demands are met
Another driver said the strike would continue until their wages are paid on time and they start receiving bonuses and medical compensation. “We have no other option. We demand that the [management] pays us on time. We will continue to protest otherwise.”

A man was taken ill and had to be shifted to a hospital as a gathering crowd waited outside in the hot weather for the bus service to resume.

Metro bus administration is behaving like step mother and not giving any facility to drivers, if drivers did not stop at a station by mistake, administration fines heavy charge on drivers.

Metro administration accepted all demands of bus drivers, bus drivers called off protest after the approval of demands.

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