Rawalpindi (July 26, 2017): The fear of exposing their misdeeds the staff of the Metro Bus Service Rawalpindi misconduct with the Abbtakk News team and also manhandled with the female reporter.

The special Abbtakk Team was on his way to prepare report on Metro Bus Service and conducted to the staff, however as team’s arrival their office they tried to snatched the camera. Some of them also misconduct with female reported of the team.

The management has the stance that media is not allowed to record or make video in the metro bus. However despite that the media team was working outside the main station the personnel in civil dress and uniform started threatening media team. Some of them tried to snatched the video camera and threats to thrown by force.

Rawalpindi Metro Bus Service has some  weaknesses including substandard construction and irresponsible look after. Cracks on roads witnessed as rain water continuously accumulated on roads. Report siad that repairing of roads on regular basis might cause major accident.

On April 28, A girl had died after falling off Metro Bus at Rehmanabad Station in Rawalpindi.

According to rescue sources, the victim girl was identified as Sameera, 19.

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Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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