Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is now an Android user

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is now an Android user
Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is now an Android user

Undoubtedly, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were among the biggest contributors who shaped the tech industry as it is today.

The question many of us often wonder is whether their rivalry ever boiled down to their personal technological preferences? More specifically put, did Microsoft co-founder ever consider using an iPhone especially after the demise of Steve Jobs?

With Windows Phones going into a limbo, an iPhone would certainly be a good choice.

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However, it turned out this is not the case. In a recent interview with Fox News, Gates revealed that he uses Windows-based PCs and has recently switched to an Android phone (presumably from a Windows phone) with a lot of Microsoft software. Fact that many people own two phones, prompted the interviewer to ask whether he keeps an iPhone as a spare device. “No, no iPhone,” Gates insisted, once the interviewer pushed him for an answer.

While there are literally hundreds of Android phone manufacturers, our best bet is he’s using an probably a Samsung smartphone, given Microsoft sell Samsung S8 and S8+ devices in their store.

This presents a slight contrast to current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella who freely demonstrated Microsoft’s Outlook email system with the help of an iPhone a couple of years ago.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak also has less extreme brand loyalties with him suggesting that he has no qualms about buying and using both Android phones as well as iPhones. He even went to the extent to suggest that Apple should have partnered with Google.

This staunch loyalty doesn’t come as much of a surprise as previously the Gates family had suggested that none of the Apple products ever found a permanent place in their living room.

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In 2013, Bill Gates insisted that his kids had never even asked for Apple products while in 2015, Melinda Gates explained that not even the Apple Watch moved the Gates family toward Apple.

The odds are not even the iPhone X can sway them away, but I guess Apple should not stop trying.

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