Middle East in Grip of Intense Heatwave


Baghdad(August 11, 2017): On the heels of a deadly heat wave last week, another surge of heat will build across eastern Europe and the Balkan Peninsula this week.

This expansive heat wave will affect millions of people from the Mediterranean to Poland and Belarus.

“High pressure centered over western Asia will pump heat all the way from the Mediterranean Sea into the Baltic states,” said Weather Meteorologist Rob Richards.

Temperatures will begin to climb from Italy to Poland and Romania on Wednesday, with highs surpassing 38 C (100 F) in parts of Hungary, Croatia and Serbia.

Dangerous heat will also be felt across central Italy and Albania. The high temperature could reach 41-42 C (107 F) in Tirana, Albania.

“Anyone planning on being outdoors will need to stay hydrated and limit time in direct sunshine to reduce the risk for heat-related illness,” said Richards.

Farther east, the intense heat will continue from Greece northward through eastern Poland, Belarus and Ukraine on Friday. Temperatures will again surpass 38 C (100 F) in the hottest locations across the Balkans.

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