Islamabad (September 25, 2017): The Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights on Monday expressed concerns over the continued disappearance of  people and “asked” the law enforcement agencies to investigate the missing persons case.

The chairman committee Nasreen Jalil  alleged “The mission persons are not even being presented in courts and [only] their tortured corpses are found later,” she alleged.

Senator Farhatullah Babar of the PPP added that the parliament, Supreme Court and other institutions have failed to resolve the issue.

“The people involved in abductions are not punished despite the evidence against them,” he further alleged.The session was attended by officials of the interior ministry, Additional Secretary of the Foreign Office and the chairman of the National Commission on Human Rights, retired justice Ali Nawaz Chohan.

Officials from the Inquiry Commission for Missing Persons, however, did not attend the session.

According to Jalil, the commission has informed the Senate earlier today that its members would not be able to attend to which Babar responded that a notice about the session’s agenda was sent four days ago. The commission should have informed the Senate earlier so the meeting could have been rescheduled.

He criticised the commission’s performance as well, saying that it had failed in dealing with the issue.

The committee responded by saying that the Senate had sent its recommendations to the government in December 2016, yet no debate was held in parliament.

Some Senators also claimed that people had gone missing in a “dramatic fashion” from the NA 120 constituency during by poll. Senator Nisar Muhammad of the PML-N said that there were ‘political reasons’ behind the abduction of people from NA-120.

The Senators also said that the government must look into the Senate’s draft of recommendations regarding the issue.

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