MNA Ramesh Lal seeks probe for offensive Facebook photo


ISLAMABAD: PPP MNA Ramesh Lal has called for an inquiry into an offensive photo being circulated on Facebook.

“Our Hindu deity is being disrespected on social media and this has been going on for the last 10 days by some PML-N workers,” PPP MNA Ramesh Kumar said while speaking in the National Assembly.

“I have been receiving angry phone calls from across the country. Imran Khan’s photo has been replaced with our sacred god,” he said. “This falls under the Cyber Crimes Law as well as blasphemy,” the PPP MNA added.

“Pakistan has four million Hindus whose religious sentiments have been hurt,” he said amid chants of shame, shame from the opposition members.

Later, appearing on SAMAA’s show “7 se 8”, Mr Lal thanked the media for highlighting the issue.

“No religion or follower of any religion teaches disrespect for other religions and their followers,” he said.

“We are Pakistanis and we believe that no religious should be disrespected,” he said. “I have been receiving phone calls from my brothers and sisters. I spoke to my party’s leaders who encourage me to raise the matter in the assembly.”

To a question, he said that it wasn’t a matter of personal grudge as the whole community was felling hurt.  “Unless people are not punished, this will not stop. I don’t have words to condemn this.”

Story first published: 11th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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