Mohammad Irfan has another beautiful addition in his ‘Aashyana’

Mohammad Irfan
The tallest fast bowler of the cricket world Mohammad Irfan is ecstatic after becoming a father of a baby boy.

The 7′ 1″ Pakistani player is very pleased on “another beautiful addition” in his family. Sharing the news of his son’s birth on Saturday morning, he has requested his friends, fans and colleagues to pray for his son’s health, success and (long) life.

“Mera beta – another beautiful addition in my Aashyana. Please say a dua for his health, success and life,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

Wearing black shirt, the 35-year-old can be seen holding his baby in both his arms and looking at it affectionately.

His social media account got crammed with congratulations on arrival of the ‘little angel’ in this world. Wishes and congratulations from co-stars and fans started to pour in after he posted this news on micro-blogging website.


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