MQM-P MNA Muzammil Qureshi jumps ship to join PSP



MQM-P was dealt a major blow when its MNA Muzammil Qureshi jumped ship to join PSP–making him the fifth member of the party who has left it in eight days to enter PSP’s fold. 

Naila Munir and Naheed Begum left MQM-P on March 28 to join PSP. Just one day later, MQM-P received another setback when MNA Dr Fozia also entered the party’s fold.

Three days ago, MQM-P MNA Saeed Wasim announced that he had joined PSP.

While MQM-P representatives have not reacted to the exodus of dissident members, the PSP leadership claims that the process of lawmakers jumping ship has just begun.


Story first published: 4th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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