MQM-P Will Not Merge With Any Party: Sabzwari


Karachi (November 11, 2017): MQM-P leader Faisal Subzwari cleared on Saturday that the party would not merge with any political party, including the Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP).

Addressing a presser here, he said that the MQM-P had made serious efforts to form an alliance with the PSP, however, Mustafa Kamal lost the opportunity by his irresponsible statements.

“In order to have a political alliance with PSP, we made serious efforts to move forward but PSP Chairman Mustafa Kamal wasted the chance,”

“We don’t want a merger with the PSP,” he declared, adding that it was the PSP that wanted to merge with MQM-P.

He also said that Kamal had made many allegations against MQM-P but still came to common grounds with the party.

Slamming the PSP chief for making serious allegations against the institutions, he said that all political leaders ‘should display seriousness.’

“We can answer in a befitting manner regarding all claims made by Kamal,” the MQM-P leader said.

Continuing to lash out at Kamal, Sabzwari spoke against Kamal’s earlier statement that politics in the name of Muhajirs should end, stating that he should have said that injustices against Muhajirs should be brought to an end.

“People will remember your claims from today and those you made before,” he said, referring to Kamal’s recent statements. “People will remember your claims in the coming elections.”

Sabzwari also claimed that ninety percent of the workers are in contact with the party, and will return to the MQM-P when they are not ‘being pressurised.”

Discussing the recent census results, he said that MQM-P raised its voice against the census and approached the courts.

“Our wish is that justice and better governance prevails in Sindh and Pakistan, and we feel that the Pakistan Peoples Party has failed to do the same in the province,” Sabzwari said, adding that his party only wishes to establish an effective local body system.

In reference to Kamal’s press conference earlier today, Sabzwari remarked that PSP’s media talk had damaged its repute and it would become evident in the approaching elections.

Mustafa Kamal had alleged that the MQM-P was an agent of RAW, while in the next breath he claimed that ex-DG Rangers, Sindh, Bilal Akbar founded the party, Subzwari said.

MQM-P leader Amir Khan also spoke towards the end of the press conference to say that the party ‘is and will always remain united.’

Earlier in the day, former Karachi mayor and leader of the Pak Sarzameen Party (PSP) Mustafa Kamal had conceded that he held talks with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) at the behest of the “establishment, rejecting the impression that he was the one who asked for talks with MQM.

“Without being emotional . . . i will present some facts before you,” said he while addressing a press conference.

He said the establishment hosted the talks at the request of Farooq Sattar who was trying for merger of PSP with Muttahida Qaumi Movement for the last eight months.

He said dozens of meeting between MQM and PSP were held where establishment acted as an arbitrator.

The former Karachi mayor said Kamran Tessori, Khawaja Izhar ul Hassan, Kanwar Naveed, Amir Khan, Waseem Akhtar Faisal Sabzwari and some other MQM leaders used to attend those meetings.

“Farooq Sattar told half lies. I will speak full truth. We did not invite Sattar for a meeting. Instead he was already present in the meeting with “establishment” when we reached their,” he said of the meeting that was said to have taken place at a “safe house”.

“Sindh governor said Farooq Sattar told him he was being forced to do certain things. Saad Rafique is also saying establishment is behind efforts to being together both the parties.”

He said it’s been projected in the media as if the establishment is backing the Pak Sarzameen Party. Farooq Sattar also gave the same impression in his letter to chief of the Pakistan Army, ISI and MI.

“Why establishment wants to do this? because they know Altaf Hussain works for Raw agent, he is a traitor,” said he.

“Sattar was unable to run the party so he approached establishment to call us for a meeting”

“Today he is going to Yadgar-e-Shuhada. Doesn’t he know who murdered Dr Imran Farooq,” he asked. “Farooq Sattar knows founder of MQM was behind Imran Farooq’s murder”.

Kamal said the MQM-P was formed in the room of former Director General Sindh Rangers Bilal Akbar following August 22 speech of Altaf Hussain.

The two parties, on Wednesday, had decided to regroup with “one name, one symbol and one manifesto” — a year after the two political factions announced complete disassociation from their former leadership based in London.

Announcing their decision at a joint press conference at the Karachi Press Club, Sattar and Kamal said they had decided to do away with their differences to ensure that the vote bank from Sindh and Karachi is not divided.

However, only a day after the announcement, Sattar said that his party was left disappointed.

“Kamal [first] agreed to unite with me and later, in front of me, said that the MQM belongs to its founder,” he had said. “Muhajirs and their mandate were insulted yesterday.”

Sattar had announced to quit his party and politics hours after the Rabita Committee had expressed its confidence in his leadership.

He subsequently retracted his decision, saying his mother had convinced him to keep on serving the people of Pakistan.


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