MQM RC Wants to Award Tickets on Merit: Waseem


Karachi (February 10, 2018): The member of MQM-P Rabita Committee and Mayor Karachi waseem Akhter said that after August 22 historic day, when Altaf Hussain speech caused the dissident of party from its founder, the responsibility of awarding ticket came on shoulder of Rabita Committee and members wanted to award tickets on merit,

Talking to media in Hussainabad, Mayor Karachi said that the members of the committee used to change as passage of time, however committee set the example of awarding ticket on merit and it will help in 2018 election.

“Rabita Committee will take decision keeping public interest in views as the workers are in severe stress since the rift created among the leaders,” he said.

Praising media role Waseem Akhter said that he was acknowledging media role in present situation as media also airing political and development activities.

He turning down the Rabita committee member Shahid Pasha criticism on him for negligence in local bodies issues said that he did know local bodies issues, however he would welcome any criticism.

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