Mufti Qawi Trapped in Another Scandal with BBC Journalist


Islamabad (July 15, 2017): Mufti Qawwai, who got popularity after his objectionable pictures with celebrity Qandeel Baloch has trapped another scandal, when BBC reporter Hani Taha alleged that Qawwai touched his cheeks during the interview.

She said that he had gone to Mufti Qawwai to interview him in Qandeel Baloch murder case, meanwhile prayer time approached and she performed prayer and asked Mr Qawi to tell her the meaning of his name.

“Mr Qawai stand and moved close and touched my cheeks,” she accused adding that his action put me in wonder over his such a awkward action.

However, Mufti Qawwi denied the allegations and termed it an attempt to get popularity.

Once social media celebrity Qandeel Balouch, who was murdered on July 15, 2016, published pictures with Mufti Qawi that triggered strong criticism from

One of the pictures shows Qandeel Baloch wearing Mufti Abdul Qavi’s signature hat on her head, while playfully posing for the picture. Mufti Abdul Quvi has claimed that it was Qandeel Baloch who had requested the meeting, not him. He said that Baloch had promised to observe the entire month of Ramazan fasting.

This was not the Mufti’s first run-in with a headline-grabbing Pakistani celebrity like Qandeel. The Mufti had earlier developed close ties with Veena Malik, after entering into a verbal argument with her on live television. The Mufti now claims to be one of the major influences behind Veena Malik’s Islamic “reformation”.

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