LAHORE: Two petitions have been filed in Islamabad High Court by the lawyer of the former president General (retd) Pervez Musharraf seeking suspension of the ex-army chief’s high treason trial in a special court.

During the hearing, Justice Sayyed Mazhar Ali Akbar Naqvi told Musharraf’s counsel to argue on the maintainability of the petition on Tuesday.

The ailing former military ruler had last week petitioned LHC to stay the proceedings of a special court trying him for “subverting the Constitution on November 3, 2007” until he recuperates and appears before the court in person.

Citing the example of cases against former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, Musharraf’s counsel argued that the LHC had found Nawaz’s petition maintainable although his cases were also being heard in Islamabad.

“Nawaz Sharif is a resident of Lahore while Musharraf is a resident of Islamabad,” replied Justice Naqvi.

The counsel further contended that the treason case against Musharraf was filed without following due process. “The case was filed with only the approval of then-prime minister Nawaz Sharif. His cabinet’s approval was never sought,” said Musharraf’s lawyer.

Justice Naqvi adjourned the proceedings till Tuesday and directed the former army chief’s counsel to explain why his petition should be heard by the LHC.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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