DUBAI: Former Pakistan president and army chief, General (R) Pervez Musharraf has said he was targeted and termed the court’s verdict as a personal vendetta.

General (R) Pervez Musharraf, has issued a video statement – from the hospital – on the death sentence given to him by a special court in a high treason case.

“I heard the Special Court’s decision on TV. This is an unprecedented case in which neither the defendant nor his lawyer were allowed to defend the case. I had even suggested that a special commission team visit (in Dubai) to record my statement. That was disregarded as well,” Musharraf said in the video statement released late on Wednesday.

He thanked those who stood by him and acknowledged his services for the country, adding that he will decide his next course of action after consulting with his legal team.

Musharraf issued the statement from his hospital bed in Dubai.
“I believe this decision (by the court) to be suspicious because the supremacy of law was completely disregarded throughout the case hearing. Even, I will say that it is not compulsory to hear this case under the constitution. This case was taken up only due to personal vendetta by some people against me,” he said in the video statement.

He added that some people in high positions misuse their power and targeted him.

“I respect Pakistan’s judiciary. Chief justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa himself had said that he believed in supremacy of law, and everyone is equal in front of law. I also believe in that – but I think the chief justice has admitted publicly that he ensured speedy decision in the case,” Musharraf added, raising doubts over the decision.

Musharraf reiterated his trust in Pakistan’s judiciary, hoping that they will do justice with him and uphold the rule of law.

The former president has been residing in the UAE for the past few years, where he is undergoing treatment at a local hospital in Dubai.

The high treason trial of the former leader for clamping the state of emergency on November 3, 2007, had been pending since December 2013.

He was booked in the treason case in December 2013.

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