Muskurahatein – A Teacher, Student Love Story


Web Desk (August 28, 2017): A professor at a medical college and his student fall in love. There is one problem though — both are married. The film takes a fun, lopsided look at extramarital affairs.

When he is not being an all out misogynist or making lewd sexual innuendos while addressing his students, Dr. Akaash Kapoor teaches at the Institute of Ultrasound. According to him, women who attract men are called ‘kalmuhi’. To impress Kanu (Sonal Mudgal), a student in his class, Dr Kapoor creeps out couples at a park by guessing correctly how intimate they have been.

When it comes to fighting, he tackles goons twice his size by first slapping them and then flashing his visiting card and shouting, “Commissioner of Police!” The goons, as if on cue, flee for their lives. All of this impresses Kanu who falls head over heels for him but leaves us bewildered. Kanu and the doctor seem perfect for each other, but there’s one problem; he is a happily married man. He has a lovely wife called Prerna (Surbhi Kakkar) who is also a doctor.

While Kanu is married as well, there is no mention of her husband, because this movie is only about men having extramarital affairs. Maybe we will have a second part which deals with female infidelity, who knows? But this one certainly isn’t about that.

The only reason one could possibly enjoy the film is when one hears the unreal explanation provided by a smart alec student, Dr Yakoob Ansari (Sanjay Mishra) about how women can deal with their husbands cheating on them. The movie also uses eve-teasing as a recurring theme to create humour which makes you cringe. As a first time filmmaker and debut actor, JS Randhawa has a lot to learn in all departments of filmmaking.

On the whole, Muskurahatein befuddles you more than it makes you smile.

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