NEW DELHI: A couple was found murdered in Ganaur in Sonipat district of Haryana, a state of India in the early hours of Sunday.

Police told the media the deaths of Imam Mohammad Irfan (40) and his wife Yasmin (25) are being treated as ‘blind murders’ for now.

The murder took place in Manik Majri village between 11 pm and 4:30 am on Saturday night, but there was no sign of robbery at the house of the couple, the police said. They also said there was no land dispute.

Irfan had been working as an Imam for nearly 4 years and had married Yasmin alias Meena, a year ago, in the same mosque.

The people discovered the dead bodies of the couple around 5 am when they started coming in for morning prayers. The police said that the murder was carried out with a sharp object.

A case has been registered against the unidentified persons and the police are currently investigating the case.

United Against Hate, an activist organization, told the media that three people have been arrested so far in the case. The villagers have stated the same. However, the police have not confirmed this.

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