Myanmar: Muslim Genocide Continues, 3000 killed in 3 Days


Rangoon, Mynamar (August 29, 2017): The genocide of unarmed Rohingya Muslims by Myanmar army and majority Buddhist population. During the last three days alone over 3,000 Muslims including women, children, and elders have been butchered while hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims who somehow managed to escape Rakhine state remain stranded at the border of Bangladesh.

The office bearers of European Rohingya Council told the media in Istanbul that the concerted and systematic bloody genocide of Muslims in Myanmar state of Rakhine continues unabated still and thousands of Muslims are being massacred for nothing else but being Muslims.

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According to international media thousands of Rohingya Muslims have struck out from their homes for the Bangladesh border in an attempt to escape the worsening crisis Rakhine state.

The exodus follows two days of fighting in Rakhine, which broke out after Rohingya militants attacked 30 police stations there on Friday. At least 100 people — mostly insurgents — were killed in ensuing clashes that carried over into Saturday.

Majority-Buddhist Rakhine State is home to an estimated 1.1 million stateless Muslim Rohingya minority which has suffered decades of persecution from the Burmese.

In October last year, an attack on police outposts by suspected Rohingya militants prompted Myanmar’s military to launch counter terrorism operations in the state. Accusations of ethnic persecution, killings, rape, and torture soon followed.

Earlier this month Myanmar’s Military — which the U.N. is currently investigating for human rights abuses — dispatched hundreds more troops to Rakhine to bolster counterinsurgency efforts there.

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