promises 2 Hour Delivery Guarantee for All Your Grocery Shopping Needs


Don’t you hate waiting for your online orders? Especially when it involves grocery? Answering the door every time like its finally here (only to be disappointed). Calling them again and again to track your order?


To solve this issue, promises that you won’t have to face this hassle and a long wait for your orders to arrive. Shoppers at will be able to receive their groceries in a less than 2 hours with mycart’s Express Delivery in Karachi & Lahore.

This service will be available 24/7 for Karachi & Lahore shoppers.

For maximum convenience, the Express Delivery icon will be visible next to all the products that can be delivered in 2 hours over at mycart’s website.

Approximately 4500+ products will be available to order on Express Delivery, covering all categories such as Breakfast, Dairy Products, Tea, Beverages and much more.

‘This will be a game changer for us mainly due to upcoming/undergoing construction projects in Karachi & Lahore’ -Syed Waqas Pervez, Head of Marketing,

More Reasons to Go with myCart

As an incentive, mycart is offering cashback on Express Delivery Orders during its trial period. Customers will be able to get Express delivery charges returned in their account in the form of cashback/reward points.

This offer will be applicable during these time slots:

It’s getting faster and easier with mycart. To check out their complete range of products available on express delivery, please visit mycart.

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