Nabila To Be Official Makeup Stylist For IIFA 2018


Web Desk (May 31, 2018): Nabila will be replacing MAC Cosmetics with her brands Nabila, N-Gents and Zero Makeup that have been announced as official hair and makeup partners at International Indian Film Accademy (IIFA) awards 2018.

Nabila announced the news on her social media accounts, “Wizcraft, the Indian media and entertainment company that helms the IIFA, approached us through a common acquaintance and asked us to come on board for the entire project. I considered it a big compliment considering that MAC has been the official hair and makeup partner for the previous many years,” Nabila shared.

“I feel like Tipu Sultan, trying out new territories,” she added.Very soon, we will see an army of more than 75 stylists headed by Nabila making their way to Bangkok to the Bollywood’s biggest awards’ ceremony.According to the IIFA’s requirements, Nabila and her team will be setting up in-room salon services for the MIP’s (Most Important People), an in-hotel salon for the VVIP’s (Very Very Important People) and an extensive backstage salon for the dancing troupes, assistants and fashion segments.

“It works well for us because the IIFA is a great platform through which the Indian market will become acquainted with the brand,” says Nabila.

“I work hard,” Nabila says simply, “and I am very patient, making my business grow little by little, step by step. My team and I have been in Bangkok for the last 15 days. This is a big project and we needed to work out details before I rushed off to my Eid appointments in Dubai and Karachi.”

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