NADRA registered case against ex Deputy chairman over data leakage

NADRA registered case against ex Deputy chairman
The National Data Registration Authority (NADRA) has registered data leakage and theft case against its former Deputy chairman Muzaffar Ali Shah, however, Muzaffar Ali denies all allegations.

According to details, the case was registered behalf of the chief of staff NADRA against ex-deputy chairman Muzaffar Shah in secretariat police station.

Syed Muzaffar Ali Shah has been dismissed from service in January for misuse of authority after the inquiry initiated against him submitted its report. The FIR filed against Syed Muzaffar Ali Shah alleged that he has been working as deputy chairman in NADRA when he was dismissed he had theft the sensitive data and carried it along with him secretly.

“He was asked time and again for the return of the data but he did not comply with the direction, therefore NADRA feared that he can malpractice the data,” FIR alleged.

The deputy director Shehzad Kamal was also named in the FIR levelling the same kind of allegations. 

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