ISLAMABAD: Member of National Assembly (NA) from Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Nafisa Shah has demanded the government to withdraw notification regarding National Finance Commission Award (NFC).

Addressing a presser along with Palwasha Khan, Nafisa Shah said that Prime Minister Imran Khan didn’t attend the NA session which was called to debate the coronavirus pandemic and formation of joint policy for it.

She said that his party chairperson Bilwal Bhutto Zardari attended the session and presented the best suggestions but the government did’nt follow the suggestions.

The PPP leader said that 800 people so far have died from the global pandemic and ending lockdown in this situation is worrisome adding that the country is in crisis and the PM is enjoying drama these days and she held responsible Prime Minister Imran Khan for the death of 800 people.

Nafisa Shah demanded the government to take back notification regarding the NFC award.

She claimed that PTI government slogan for ending the corruption succembed to the Tsunami truck adding that the government has given NRO and amnesty to its own people.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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