Nasser Hussain slams Eoin Morgan over blaming pitch for Pakistan loss


Nasser Hussain and Eoin Morgan

LONDON: Former English cricketer Nasser Hussain criticized England captain Eoin Morgan for blaming the pitch for its ICC Champions Trophy 2017 semi-final toss to Pakistan.

In his coloumn on a foreign news website, the former English cricketer said that the speculations on the Cardiff pitch was disrespectful to Pakistan as the side played well and adapted to the conditions.

He wrote that he had said that it would depend which kind of Pakistan turned up for the match and the team answered that one emphatically.

“England must have known that pitches in ICC tournaments can start to show wear and tear,” he wrote.

Hussain stated that England should have been prepared for the match.

“It must have been part of their plans, not least because it happened during the 2013 competition, when they ended up playing the final against India on a turning track at Edgbaston. What they encountered shouldn’t have surprised them at all. Their coach Trevor Bayliss has always asked for them to play smart cricket, not just gung-ho cricket. This was anything but smart. In fact, it was timid. After two years of positive one-day batting, that is the biggest disappointment,” he wrote.

Hussain stated that he thought that the English side got the pace of their innings all wrong and went too hard early on in the innings with Jonny Bairstow picking out the only man on the leg-side fence and then showed signs when Eoin Morgan and Ben Stokes were together that they were reassessing.

“But Morgan chose the wrong moment to attack Hasan Ali, who in the absence of Mohammad Aamer was Pakistan’s biggest threat, especially when he was finding reverse swing from round the wicket against the left-handers. He was exceptional,” he stated.

Eoin Morgan, in his post-match press conference, had blamed used pitches for its semi-final loss to Pakistan.

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Story first published: 16th June 2017

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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