Nawaz Did Appease Someone by Refusing to Meet Zardari: PPP


Islamabad (November 03, 2017): Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has hit back at Nawaz Sharif’s statement stating that Zardari was not assailing him rather he was trying to appease someone else.

Senior PPP leader Khursheed Shah while responding to Nawaz Sharif said that Nawaz should remember the day he refused a meeting with PPP chief Asif Ali Zardari and by doing so he too tried to appease someone else.

“Mian sahib should say who he was trying to please then,” said the opposition leader in the National Assembly.
Shah asserted that it is Nawaz, not democracy, that is in trouble today.

He added that Nawaz should stop democracy from being in danger, suggesting that, “Nawaz shouldn’t put the burden of his difficulties on democracy”.

Shah said he repeatedly advised Nawaz to take the Parliament into confidence, adding that, he saved Nawaz once to save democracy but won’t do it again.

Earlier today, the former prime minister said Zardari was talking against him to please someone else.

The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) president was talking informally to journalists present at the accountability court trying him on corruption charges.

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