Nawaz says being deprived of defence in accountability court

Nawaz says being deprived of defence in accountability court
Expressing reservations on the Supreme Court’s order to the accountability court to wind up all the references against him in one month, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday said he was being deprived of defence in the accountability court through implicating tough conditions for the cases against him۔

“I am unable to find a lawyer who could appear before court on such strict conditions. Our counsel said one needs time to prepare for a case and it was impossible to contest the case without preparation and appearing before court everyday without any break,” he said while addressing a press conference in Lahore.
He said he had submitted a petition with the National Accountability (NAB) court for withdrawing from the references. While, the court had directed him to hire a new counsel, he said.
Nawaz said his lawyer Khawaja Haris had recused himself from his case. He had sought time from the court for finding a new attorney, he said adding, “justice rushed is justice crushed.”

Khawaja Haris was scheduled to cross examine Wajid Zia in the hearing today, however, the court proceedings were adjourned following the counsel’s withdrawal decision.

It is pertinent to mention here that Advocate Khawaja Haris has recused himself from the hearing after pleading as defence lawyer in the case after nine months.

The PML-N quaid said such an environment was created that he was even deprived of getting service of a laweyer. He asked if there was any case which was being monitored by a Supreme Court judge or if there was any accused who had made around 100 appearances in a case.

The ex-premier said no corruption charge could be established against him. He said claimant had failed to prove his claims against him.

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