Nawaz Sharif proud of being not disqualified for corruption

Nawaz Sharif addressing Parliamentary party
A day after Supreme Court disqualified him from holding public office, Nawaz Sharif has said his conscience was clear and felt proud that he was not removed over ‘corruption’.

“You should be proud that your leader doesn’t have a stain of corruption on him,” he said while addressing the PML-N’s parliamentary meeting. “I am proud that I have not been declared ineligible over charges of corruption.”

The former premier claimed he did not receive any kickbacks or commissions and never compromised on principles.

“I have been disqualified for not withdrawing salary from my own son’s company,” he said. “How is this justified…why did I need to inform the election commission about this when I didn’t withdraw any money”?

He added, “The nation now knows why I was declared ineligible [to lead the nation as the premier]. Let the people decide over whatever is happening.”

Nawaz also asked his political rivals to reveal their assets and sources of income.

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