Nawaz Sharif says, I Have Filed My Plea in People’s Court


Gujrat (August 11, 2017): Ouster PM Nawaz Sharif addressing the workers and supporters in Gujrat said that he filed his plea in people’s court as he was the voice of the entire Pakistan. 

“Entire Pakistan has refused to accept my disqualification decision as no stain of corruption was on me and never made corruption of single pie which was admitted by judges,” he said.

I am back in the court of the people,” Sharif told a crowd of loyalists in Gujrat. “I have filed no appeal in the courts, my only appeal is in your court,” he said.

“Have you accepted the decision of that [Supreme Court] court?” he asked.

“Your vote was not given any respect and declaring me disqualified your vote was thrown as dustbin like a waste paper,” he told the people adding,  “Such is being staged from 70 years as I was thrown thrice from my prime ministerial post.”

“Do you support me against this tyranny and injustice done with me,” Nawaz Sharif asked the people.

“They removed me because I did not take my salary from my son. What kind of father takes a salary from his son?” he asked. “They took your votes, ripped them up and returned them to you.”

“This is the respect given to your vote. Your vote has not been respected at all,” he said.

“Is this acceptable to you? How long will this go on? For 70 years, a joke has been played with this country. I cannot bear this joke anymore. Can you?” he asked, reiterating points made in speeches over the past two days.

“Today fans work, tubewells work, industries are running, agriculturists are in business, cities are alight… Next year, we will say goodbye to loadshedding for good,” he said.

Originally Posted on Abbtak TV


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