Nawaz Using Democracy as Tool to Save Himself: Imran


Islamabad (July 17, 2017): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chief Imran Khan on Sunday warned the government that if any obstructions are introduced in the way of justice he would invite his workers to ensure justice is served.

Addressing the party’s workers convention here, Imran mocked claims by the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) that the report by Panama case Joint Investigation Team (JIT) is a conspiracy against democracy.

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“I hear them saying it’s a conspiracy…a sponsored conspiracy…against democracy. They are calling it a conspiracy because for the last 30 years they sailed through it [without being caught],” the PT chief said. He added that the prime minister had employed tactics like bribing to escape justice.

He asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to present answers to questions raised by the JIT instead, adding the team’s report has come up with evidence which leaves no scope for doubt.

Imran said that his 2014 sit-ins spread awareness in the masses. PTI Chief said that people were now aware of Nawaz Sharif’s corruption. He highlighted the ‘lies’ of Sharif family on Calibri font, Gulf Steel Mills and conspiracy claims. “SECP Chairman was caught tampering,” he affirmed.

He said that the premier was continuously using democracy as tool to save himself from corruption while framing everything against him as a conspiracy.

While discussing the Joint Investigation Team (JIT) report, he said government institutions forged documents to save the Sharif family. He said countries face consequences when someone destroys the institutions. “Sharif family is looting money and taking it to foreign countries for the past 30 years,” he claimed.

Imran Khan pointed out that ‘clever’ kids of both Ishaq Dar and Nawaz Sharif reside in aboard and receive looted money. He accused Nawaz Sharif of tax evasion and claimed that government had made laws to support their money laundering.

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