Nayatel Quietly Upgrades Home Packages for Everyone


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Nayatel, the popular fiber-to-the-home internet service provider, has upgraded its packages.

All existing customers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi can avail this upgrade. As a bonus, there are no extra charges for this as well.

Here’s the breakdown of the new speeds you will be getting:

Additional volume usage (if you cross the 55 GB day time limit) will be charged according to your existing plan.

The new Nayatel upgrade went live on July 22nd.

Internet Outage

Pakistan faced a major internet outage last month with several ISPs being affected.

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Early investigations revealed that a routing beyond Pakistan Internet Exchangewasn’t getting through. Amazon, Slack, ProPakistani and Olx were among those affected.

The disruption affected PTCL the most, with ISPs relying on PTCL’s bandwidth affected as well. An undersea cable was touted as being the cause of the outage.


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