A recent study has devised a new method to detect and attack cancer cells with the help of tech usually used for solar power. This new method showed a marked improvement in results.

The study, published in Scientific Reports, said that significant improvement was seen in light-activated fluorescent dyes for disease analysis, image-guided surgery and site-specific tumor treatment.

Sophia, Michigan State University’s (MSU) biochemistry and molecular biologist, said,

We’ve tested this concept in breast, lung cancer and skin cancer cell lines and mouse models, and so far it’s all looking remarkably promising.

Richard, the Johansen Crosby Endowed Professor of chemical engineering and materials science said that while most of the possibilities are in cancer applications, the results can be used apart from the field of oncology.

He added,

This work has the potential to transform fluorescent probes for broad societal impact through applications ranging from biomedicine to photocatalysis — the acceleration of chemical reactions with light. Our solar research inspired this cancer project, and in turn, focusing on cancer cells has advanced our solar cell research; it’s been an amazing feedback loop.

Prior to this, fluorescent dyes were primarily used in therapeutics and diagnostics only, not for treatment.

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