Now that’s calligraphy : When font and art combine to create perfection


LAHORE: Intricate calligraphy was the order of the day at the Quat Painting show as 12 artists showcased their deft touch, hoping to strike a balance between transmitting a text and expressing its meaning through a formal aesthetic code

Calligraphy artist Amir Kamal‘s work is a reproductions of texts from the Quran and Hadith and illuminates the traditional style of calligraphy using gold leaf. According to the artist, he mainly works on paper and wasli and recently started his traditional style on canvas.

Arif Khan, another artist, said his calligraphic pieces are like musical symphonies which go from low to high pitches, surprising the viewer. According to the artist, he subtly divides peace by writing small pieces around the focal point and fills it with a large word.

Calligraphist Jamshed Qaiser said his work is based on abstraction and reflection on traditional calligraphy.

According to Jamshed, he has taken inspiration from Iranian Calligraphic fonts as well as Shikasta and Moalla. “I have been working on traditional fonts including Nasta’aliq, Thuluth, Naskh, Dewani, Kufi  and more,” he said.

“My participation in abstract calligraphy workshops in Italy and France gave new direction to my artwork and I started amalgamating English abstract calligraphy with Arabic font, especially since I strongly believe in experimentation,” Jamshed added.

Javed Qamar’s work in brightly coloured calligraphy paintings, with several names of Allah inscribed in a globe, denoting the concept of God’s omnipotence. Qamar said his work speaks of God attributes which he considers most relatable.

Artist Muneeb Ali said letters are an expression, just like art. “These two are like forces of nature –embodiments of our emotion, our creative thought and ideas.”

His series called Huroof is an attempt to combine the brimming energy to these two elements and create something new out of them.

“My work is an attempt to create fusion of the sagacious wisdom behind text and the maddening passion of art,” Muneeb said.

He said that the idea behind the series was to capture beauty created by the embrace of art with letters and to preserve it on a canvas that lasts.

“The combination is made possible by merging the ancient knowledge of Islamic calligraphy with unorthodox innovations of today so that every new combination astounds people, be it a casual viewer or keen observer.”

Mussarat Arif uses the ‘kufi’ form of calligraphy in her works with a painterly touch. The artist said she produced calligraphic art which was governed by the principle of balance, proportion, rhythm and unity.

She incorporates various patterns and geometric designs in her work which are interwoven with the words of the Holy Quran.

According to her, the journey of self discovery motivated her to the creative a world of calligraphy using various types of mediums such as oils, acrylics, watercolours and pastels.

Published in The Express Tribune, June 18th, 2017.

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