Nowshera bomb blast kills 1, injures 6


One person was killed and six were injured in a bomb blast that took place on Thursday afternoon at Kachehri Chowk. 

Security forces cordoned off the area and started relief operations. The injured were being shifted to the hospital for treatment.

According to SAMAA’s correspondent, a total of six persons were injured in the blast. Four of the injured were security officials while two were civilians.

Police and security forces are busy collecting evidence from the blast site. Police officials said that the full extent of the explosion and how it was caused can only be determined after the evidence was collected.

The bomb blast took place at the road in Nowshera that connects to Peshawar and Rawalpindi.

(This is a developing story and will be updated accordingly)

Story first published: 17th May 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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