Nutella has secretly changed its recipe. And fans are not happy


NEWS DESK: Nutella fans the world over have descended into panic in response to news that the recipe for their beloved chocolate-hazelnut spread has changed, reported The Independent.

On their Facebook page, the Verbraucherzentrale Hamburg (Hamburg Consumer Protection Centre) revealed that Ferrero, the company behind Nutella, has secretly updated the recipe to include more sugar and more powdered skimmed milk.

The sugar content has gone up from 55.9 to 56.3 per cent, and the milk from 7.5 to 8.7 per cent.

The consumer group state that the new Nutella has a lighter colour, and they suggest that by increasing the milk content, the company has been able to save costs on cocoa.

In a world where most companies are trying to reduce the sugar content of their food products to appeal to more health-conscious customers, the change has not been well received.

Whilst Ferrero insist that slight alterations such as these are standard industry practice and wonโ€™t affect the taste too much, many Nutella lovers are concerned that their favourite spread will no longer be the same.

Some are even threatening to boycott it.

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Story first published: 9th November 2017

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