OGRA Propose Rs. 5.4 Per Liter Increase In Petrol Price


The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has recommended increasing the petrol price by Rs 5.4 per liter. In this regard, a summary was forwarded to the caretaker government which will finalize the decision.

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The regulator recommended an increase in the prices of other petroleum products as well.

OGRA’s Proposal

The regulatory authority has made following proposition regarding the petroleum products’ prices:

  • An increase of Rs 5.40 in per liter price of petrol. If the proposal gets accepted, the updated petrol price will be set at Rs 97.36 per liter from the current price of Rs 91.96.
  • Rs 6.20 increase in per liter price of High-Speed Diesel (HSD). The price will be revised upwards to Rs 111.51 per liter from Rs 105.31 if the proposal gets accepted.
  • Kerosene oil’s price to be increased by Rs 12 per liter. The new price will be set at Rs 96.34 up from the current price of Rs 84.34.


OGRA Recommends Rs. 7.5 Per Liter Increase in Petrol Price

The petroleum products’ prices have been on the rise for the past two years now. The government increased the prices this month as well which were effective from June 12 to June 30.

The Petroleum Ministry will review OGRA’s petroleum before the start of the next month and make a decision.

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