Oil tanker crashes, bursts into flames on Karachi's Gul Bai Flyover

An oil tanker crashed and burst into flames on Gul Bai Flyover
An oil tanker crashed and burst into flames early Wednesday morning here on Gul Bai Flyover in Sher Shah Colony of the metropolis, with casualties feared and authorities having blocked the entry and exit points to the bridge.

Fuel from the overturned vehicle started leaking and the blaze is spreading continuously. Witnesses said passersby had tried to put out the flames by throwing sand on the burning fuel.

As Media reporters arrived on the scene, they found that there are, in fact, two tankers at the crash site.

It emerged that one of the tankers was attempting to overtake and lost control after doing so, finally hitting the mid-road barrier and flipping over.

The second oil tanker was on way from Native Jetty to Sher Shah Colony.

Authorities said they have dispatched eight fire brigade vehicles from the nearest areas — Chakiwara and Sher Shah Colony.

Four fire brigade vehicles have so far been able to reach the site. Emergency response teams are working to stop the flames from spreading any further.

The fire is so intense — said to be Category 3 — that the smoke billowing from the site of the crash can be seen from as far as I.I. Chundrigar Road.

Most of the bridge, which is almost four-kilometre long, is covered in the fuel leaked out of the oil tanker and has made the road slippery.

Fears have arisen that the leaked fuel — trickling down from the bridge — could reach a petrol station located under the flyover and may possibly lead to an untoward event.

The blaze, however, has managed to spread to two shops situated under the Gul Bai Flyover.

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