Omar Abdullah Confronted In US University


Web Desk(April 21, 2018): Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah was confronted by a group of Kashmiri Americans in University of Barkley after he delivered a lecture, media reports said. Abdullah described the confrontation as ‘tamasha’ by ‘four hecklers’. The video of the verbal dual in which Abdullah is shouted upon and accused of being ‘war criminal and Indian agent’ went viral through internet.

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“I had a great session at @UCBerkeley & don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. FOUR hecklers (in an audience of 150+) who waited till the event concluded to make YouTube videos of themselves can’t take away from an excellent Q&A session there,” Omar wrote on Twitter. “I’m looking forward to the organisers putting the video of the entire session online so that the people who’ve seen the short tamasha can see how much substantial stuff happened before that.”

Omar further said: “And lastly I’ve never claimed to be universally loved or even liked so if 4 people in such a large audience make their dislike known it’s really not such a big deal at all. At least no one threw eggs or a shaving foam pie at me.”Abdullah had been invited by the University of California for a conversation over the topic — The path forward in Kashmir.

“As a former Chief Minister and one of the most prominent politicians of Jammu and Kashmir, Omar Abdullah will talk about his vision for the path forward in the region and share his perspective on possible solutions,” THE University said.

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