One Killed, 12 Injured in Smog-related Traffic Accidents in Punjab


Sargodha (November 04, 2017): As many as 10 people were injured in a traffic accident involving eight vehicles on Motorway at Madh Ranjha near Sagodha, while a man was killed and two injured in a traffic accident in Kamalia.

As per detail, visibility dipped on Motorway due to the thick fog and smog. Due to low visibility, some eight vehicles collided at Madh Ranjha on Motorway wherein 10 people were injured.

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The injured were taken to Kot Addu Hospital for treatment.In another fog, smog-related accident in Kamalia, a man was killed.

Due to low visibility, a vehicle met an accident due to which a man died and another injured.

It is to be mentioned here that on Friday some six people died and 45 injured across Punjab due to rough weather and low visibility due to smog.

The motorway and other national highways have extremely low visibility, creating challenges during driving and leading to accidents.

Five people were killed and nine injured late Friday in Kamonki when a passenger van collided with a bus. A truck-bus crash on the motorway near Jalalpur Bhattian left one man dead and five others wounded.A passenger van slammed into a truck in Sheikhupura, leaving 15 people injured. All the wounded belonged to the same family. In Lahore, four people were brought to a local hospital after they were injured in a car crash.

Four others were hurt after an oil tanker ran over a motorbike before bumping into a truck in Arifwala.

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