One Killed, 17 Injured In Baghdad Explosions


Baghdad (June 7, 2018): A pair of explosions ripped through a cafeteria in Baghdad’s Sadr City district, killing at least one people in the wee hours of Thursday.

Whereas 17 other people were also injured due to the explosions. A ministry spokesman said in a brief statement the blast was the result of the detonation of an ammunition cache and that security forces had opened an investigation into the matter.

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Earlier, the ministry had described the explosion as “a terrorist aggression on civilians” that had caused “martyrs and wounded”, in a statement broadcast by state television. Authorities did not offer an explanation of the two statements.

Sadr City is a stronghold of the nationalist cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, whose political bloc won a May 12 parliamentary election. Parliament ordered a national recount of votes on Wednesday.

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