Only Farooq Sattar can nominate senate candidates: ECP


KARACHI: The Election Commission of Pakistan on Friday stated that only Dr Farooq Sattar has the right to nominate candidates for the upcoming senate election, a few minutes after the Rabita Committee decided to take back Sattar’s powers to nominate the candidate. 

The Election Commission of Pakistan, the letter written by the Rabita Committee to take back Sattar’s power to nominate senate candidates does not hold any legal value.

“The only acceptable senate ticket is the one that contains the signature of Dr Farooq Sattar,” said an ECP official. “MQM-Pakistan is registered with the name of Dr Farooq Sattar.”

MQM-Pakistan’s major announcement from earlier today

The Rabita Committee of MQM-Pakistan on Friday announced that Dr Farooq Sattar no longer had the power to nominate senate candidates.

The latest decision by the Rabita Committee is indicative that tensions between the two factions within MQM-Pakistan, one being led by Dr Farooq Sattar and the other by Amir Khan, are on the rise and that the two groups have yet to solve their differences.

The Rabita Committee wrote a letter in this regard to the Election Commission of Pakistan.

Amir Khan, Kanwar Naveed and Ameen-ul-Haq as well as other members of Rabita Committee arrived at PIB colony on Thursday night to meet Dr Farooq Sattar.

However, the MQM-P chief did not meet them.

The Rabita Committee members waited for 70 minutes and then left.

Differences within MQM-Pakistan came to the fore when members of the Rabita Committee revolted against Sattar’s decision to nominate Kamran Tessori for the upcoming senate elections.

A fiery press conference was conducted by Faisal Sabzwari in which he told Dr Farooq Sattar to take back his decision and said that MQM-Pakistan ‘was not for sale’.

Dr Farooq Sattar retorted and said that 10 Rabita Committee members were government employees and hence were not eligible to be nominated.

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Story first published: 9th February 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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