Out Fight Not Against Individual, but Corruption: Imran


Islamabad (July 30, 2017): Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf observed Thanksgiving Day on Sunday by holding a public meeting at Islamabad’s Parade Ground.

Addressing the gathering, which comprised of thousands of his supporters,  PTI Chairman Imran Khan thanked his party workers, especially the female party workers. While remembering his late mother and crediting her for teaching him to remain strong and stand firm for the truth and justice, Imran Khan said, “We knocked on judiciary’s doors instead of taking to the roads because the SC judges asked us to come to the court,” said Khan. “We are thankful to the judiciary because with the judgment, they brought us a new hope.”

Imran paid tribute to the five judges of the apex court and the joint investigation team (JIT).

“I salute the JIT members; I know how much pressure you have handled,” Imran added.

Asking his supporters and the people of Pakistan to imagine a “New Pakistan,” Imran Khan said that the National Accountability Bureau would not wait for the government’s orders to take action against criminals under PTI’s leadership.

Lashing out PMLN, Imran said that PML-N must answer that you talk about democracy but you follow the rituals of a monarchy.

“When Nawaz Sharif is gone, why didn’t PML-N have any other person than Shehbaz Sharif to take over? It is because PMLN is a family limited party”, Khan added

Imran Khan also warned PPP Co-Chairman, saying, “Asif Zardari I want to send out a message to you that your turn is the next”.

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