Over 2M Pilgrims Arrive Arafat From Mina To Perform Hajj Rituals

Over 2M Pilgrims Arrive Arafat From Mina To Perform Hajj Rituals
More than two millions of pilgrims from all across the world have arrived at Mount Arafat from Mina to perform Hajj’s Rukn-e-Azam, where Waqoof-e-Arafa is being performed after which waqoof will begin at the time of Zawal and they will offer Zuhr and Asr prayers together in Mount Arafat.

Some pilgrims prayed at the Grand Mosque before heading to the Mina area or towards Mount Arafat, east of Makkah, where the Prophet is believed to have delivered his final sermon to followers.

They walked or took buses, with traffic police using loudspeakers to try to direct crowds speaking a medley of languages. They were dressed in simple white robes, marking a state of ihram (ritual purity).

Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam and comprises a journey to Makkah to perform religious rituals described in the Holy Quran.

The five-day ritual is a once-in-a-lifetime religious duty for every able-bodied Muslim who can afford it.

Their journey went smoothly despite the huge number of vehicles and pedestrians. Traffic patrols were assisted by security forces in their efforts to organize the traffic, guide pilgrims and maintain security.

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