Over 7,000 bottles of imported liquor seized in Islamabad

Over 7,000 bottles of imported liquor seized in Islamabad
Over 7,000 bottles of imported liquor seized in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: A squad of the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) raided a house in Islamabad and seized over 7,000 bottles of foreign liquor.

After receiving a tip-off from an informant, police raided the suspected locatin in Sector F-6. Moreover, before knocking at the door, police had scoured the area and confirmed that there was a substantial quantity of liquor inside.

According to the police report, a squad of Kohsar police raided the house in Sector F-6/2 where a Tajik national, Rustam Karimov, was living. In the presence of Karimov and his security guard, police surveyed the house.

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In the backyard, officials observed there was a locked servant quarter and asked Karmiov if they may inspect the room after breaking the lock. After the Tajik resident granted permission, police entered the room and found several cartons of foreign liquor stacked to the roof.

Karimov said the room was being used by his gardener Asad Salman and driver Akhtar, both of whom had allegedly fled on seeing police at the property.

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According to police, there were 66 cartons of Jack Daniels (12 bottles in a carton), 219 cartons of Chivas Regal, 32 cartons of ‘The Famous Grouse’, 101 cartons of Ballantine’s Whisky, 1,22 cartons of Johnny Walker Red Label and 90 of Black Label scotch whisky.

Moreover, police found 31 cartons (six bottles per case) of CH Rousseau Boudreaux Red Wine, a single carton of Black Dog whisky, six bottles of Danzka Vodka, and some other bottles of Red Label and Chivas Regal.

The total haul amounted 7,773 bottles, which was recorded and confiscated by police. Salman and Akhtar were booked for illegal possession and sale of liquor.

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