Owais Muzaffar Tappi had not been arrested: FIA

Owais Muzaffar Tappi
Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) sources informed media that Owais Muzaffar Tappi, the foster brother of Asif Ali Zardari had not been arrested in Dubai on Tuesday,

Earlier, it was misreported that Owais Muzaffar had been arrested by Interpol in Dubai.

Money-laundering case 

The FIA is investigating 32 people in relation to money laundering from fictitious accounts, including Zardari and Talpur. Zardari’s close aide Hussain Lawai was arrested in July last year in connection with the probe.

The former president’s other close aide and Omni Group chairman Anwar Majeed a close aide and Omni Group chairman and his son, Abdul Ghani, were arrested by FIA in August 2018.

Over 20 ‘benami’ accounts at some private banks were opened in 2013, 2014 and 2015 from where transactions worth billions of rupees were made, according to sources.

The amount, according to FIA sources, is said to be black money gathered from various kickbacks, commissions and bribes.

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