Pak Suzuki Motor Company (PSMC) announced through their social media accounts that they will be offering a Used Car Financing Program in an “exclusive arrangement” with Dubai Islamic Bank. As per the company, you can get special rental rates and the lowest Takaful if you opt for this offer.


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The said offer can be availed if you pay a visit to the nearest authorized Suzuki dealership or the nearest branch of Dubai Islamic Bank in your area. You can also get your vehicle bank appraisal if you visit an authorized Suzuki dealership to avail this offer. As a part of the offer, you will get the following benefits:

  • Each vehicle is issued a certification of approval by the PSMC engineers.
  • All the documents of the vehicles being put up for sale are 100% genuine.
  • The cars will be given to the buyers along with 1 year/15,000 kilometers warranty.
  • Car financing facility will be available for cars that are up to 9 years old.

The said offer is certainly capable of pulling a great number of customers in for the purchase, as the old Suzuki cars, although well capable of holding their value, are also much cheaper as compared to the new ones.

Plus with the approval from the official mechanics of the company, complete documents and a warranty period to go with the car, the said offer can certainly give good value to the customers.

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