While Pakistan Railways has announced that passenger train services will be halted for an indefinite period countrywide, they have transformed all their business class and air-conditioned sleeper coaches into isolation wards that are mobile and can accommodate 2,000 beds.

These isolation wards have been created for people suffering from coronavirus and upon request by officials, can be sent anywhere in the country connected with railway tracks in extreme cases where coronavirus patients exceed local capacity, Shaikh Rashid Ahmad, Railways Minister told the media at the Rawalpindi railway station.


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Over 220 coaches in total have been transformed into mobile isolation wards with nine compartments in each coach meaning that there are nine wards in one coach.

Aside from this, 100 beds each in all 7 division hospitals of the Railways are now ready with each having one ventilator. The minister added that services in all 7 hospitals are managed by the railways and multiple dispensaries are open for patients that have contracted coronavirus.

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