Pakistan lodges protest with India against death of woman at LoC


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Saturday summoned India’s deputy high commissioner and lodged a protest over the death of a woman at the Line of Control (LoC) in “unprovoked ceasefire violations.”

“Director General (SA & SAARC) of Foreign Office Dr Mohammad Faisal summoned India’s Deputy High Commissioner JP Singh and condemned the unprovoked ceasefire violations by the Indian occupation forces,” a statement by the Foreign Office said.

“Violations were carried out along the Line of Control, Nikial Sector, resulting in the martyrdom of an innocent civilian, 30-year old Rudeba Kauser while injuring her three sisters – Hubeda Kausar (6), Sufeda (26) and Kausar (28),” it said.

The Indian forces were continuously targeting civilian populated areas with heavy weapons, according to the spokesman.

Indian forces have carried out more than 900 ceasefire violations along the Line of Control and the Working Boundary this year, resulting in death of 21 innocent civilians, while injuring 90 others.

The unprecedented escalation in ceasefire violations by India, the Foreign Office added, was continuing from the year 2017 when the Indian forces committed 1970 ceasefire violations.

“The deliberate targeting of civilian populated areas is indeed deplorable and contrary to human dignity, international human rights and humanitarian laws. The ceasefire violations by India are a threat to regional peace and security and may lead to a strategic miscalculation,” it added.

The Director General (SA & SAARC) urged the Indian side to respect the 2003 ceasefire arrangement, investigate the current and other incidents of ceasefire violations, instruct the Indian forces to respect the ceasefire in letter and spirit, and maintain peace on the LoC and the Working Boundary.

He also asked India to permit UNMOGIP (United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan) to play its mandated role as per the UN Security Council resolutions.

Story first published: 7th April 2018

Originally Posted on SamaaNews


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