Pakistan Ranked Among the 10 Worst Countries for Rule of Law


According to the World Justice Project’s (WJP) Rule of Law Index 2017-18, Pakistan has been ranked at 105 out of 113 countries. Pakistan has fared poorly yet again in the annual rankings, ending up in the bottom 10 of the list.

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According to the 7th edition of the report, Venezuela is the worst country when it comes to the rule of law with an overall score of 0.29. 3 Asian countries are included in the bottom 10 of the list: Pakistan (105), Afghanistan (111) and Cambodia (112).

Ranking Criteria

WJP’s Rule of Law Index is an annual report which ranks more than 100 countries on the basis of adherence to the law.

The countries are ranked based on these 8 factors:

  1. Constraints on Government Powers
  2. Absence of Corruption
  3. Open Government
  4. Fundamental Rights
  5. Order and Security
  6. Regulatory Enforcement
  7. Civil Justice
  8. Criminal Justice

Each of these 8 factors had 3-8 sub-factors which were ranked individually to get a cumulative score for each factor. The overall score of these 8 factors combined to generate an overall score from 0-1, with 1 depicting strong rule of law while 0 showing no adherence to the law.

Top 10 Countries

The European countries lead the way when it comes to following the law, with top 6 spots being bagged by European nations.

Here are the top 10 countries where people are most likely to follow the rule of law:

  1. Denmark (0.89)
  2. Norway (0.89)
  3. Finland (0.87)
  4. Sweden (0.86)
  5. Netherlands (0.85)
  6. Germany (0.83)
  7. New Zealand (0.81)
  8. Austria (0.81)
  9. Canada (0.81)
  10. Australia (0.81)

Pakistan’s Case

Among the 6 South Asian countries, Pakistan is listed on the 5th place with Afghanistan lagging behind at the last spot.

Pakistan has actually improved one position from last year with an overall score of 0.39, as depicted in the report. different countries stats for Rule of Law

Pakistan earned the best score (66/113) for ‘Constraints of Government Powers’, while the worst one was for ‘Order and Security’ where it got the 113th rank.

Here are the ranks for individual factors:

  1. Constraints on Government Powers – 66
  2. Absence of Corruption – 99
  3. Open Government – 80
  4. Fundamental Rights – 100
  5. Order and Security – 113
  6. Regulatory Enforcement – 105
  7. Civil Justice – 107
  8. Criminal Justice – 81

For detailed scoring, refer to the image below:

Constraints of Government Powers countries score

Pakistan’s rank is slowly getting better; Pakistan was ranked at 109 in 2015-16, 106 in 2016-17 and now 105 in 2017-18 edition of the report. However, the rank needs to get better quickly and the government needs to step up its game.

Source: WJP

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    this is campaign of election to let know others how worsen is pakistan, in 1970 one of my relative paid postmortem report bribe to get his father postmortem report and top of that he to doctors as well, later paid police to get a FIR and registration where we can get the death certificate the money as well. so why you worry about it? in this country tribes lives here not a educated person.

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